The Company

Because spaces define you.

It all started with a small idea that quickly got escalated into a full blown vision that our company holds today. The idea was to transform people’s living spaces into personal retreats and give them a cosy, warm space with a calming ambience. We are a lifestyle company that creates extraordinary by bringing out innovative and engaging ideas to life. We are committed to serving our people in Palghar and the neighbouring districts with the finest range of offerings that include traditional, modern and contemporary furniture, living room lighting ideas, bathroom units, shower, bedroom accessories and much more.

Home is a reflection of your inner being and the choice in style and design exudes your true personality. We are the company that helps you liven up your style by bringing these ideas from the drawing board to your living room.

Well, as they say “Seeing is believing”, we offer our customers a pulsating glimpse of our well thought out and beautifully crafted designs through a ready sample flat within the premises of our showroom, one of the largest in Palghar.

  • Our philosophy is steeped in the desire to create the best decor solutions for our clients


“Enriching and enhancing lifestyles by creating space within space”
Our vision is to create and enhance the lifestyle of our people by optimizing their living spaces with inspiring and innovative design solutions.


Driven by hard work and innovation, we want to become a pioneer in the lifestyle brand segment.


Innovation: Driven by Out of the Box thinking, we create ideas that work
Excellence: We have an eye for detail and we leave no stone unturned to give you a lifestyle that you deserve
Care: Dignity and respect for our people comes first before anything else

Why Us?

We are the one amongst you who have a perfect understanding of all your needs. We strive to create a perfect design with a perfect lighting that becomes a treat to the eyes and soul. Our team of professional people who demonstrate the highest degree of integrity help your dreams turn into reality. We act quickly and decisively to get the work done efficiently and we put the needs of our customers first before everything else. We live the brand and everything that we create reflects our values and principles.